The creation of the first accredited Buddhist seminary master degree in New York City

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I am the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, in Manhattan, NY, the first Buddhist based organization to be a fully accredited Association of Clinical Pastoral Education independent center. There is no New York City based accredited Buddhist Seminary Program. This demonstration project is going to outline the creation of the first Buddhist Seminary Master’s degree and the plans for an independent Buddhist Seminary in New York City. In order to become a board-certified chaplain, with the Association of Professional Chaplains, students must have a divinity-based degree. This program does not exist in New York City. The methodology for this project is both deductive and inductive. I started with a theory that there is a need for Buddhist seminary-based education. I observed through surveys that there is a need. This confirmed my theory. I then used this deductive theory to build an inductive methodology. Through the observation of the need, I identified a pattern of people who resided in the need. From this, we created a theory and actual degree program to serve those identified. Buddhist seminary education is a new field. With a handful of programs that exist in the United States at this time, it is key to provide a roadmap to the creation of a rigorous accredited training program. This will allow others to create a like program. 
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